Thursday, June 12, 2008

Shins, have you got them?

I like The Shins.
It's the kind of music you should listen to when you have been driving with someone in the car for a long time. I mean a looong time. And not in the kind of car that has air conditioning or a comfy seat, but the kind of car that you know will get you where you are going, although it may be a little ragged around the edges. It has to be one of those days where you have been in the car so long that you have run out of things to say.
Every subject dealt with.
Every joke told.
This is the kind of music you both listen to and smile, nodding at each other, but not saying a word. You both feel closer than ever without the need to congratulate yourselfs on being BFFs.

The Shins - Kissing the Lipless

I haven't been in that place for a long time. The kind of place where you never care if you get where you are going, only because you have finally relaxed enough to enjoy the journey. Lately my destination is unknown and I've lost sight of the journey. It makes me sad. I guess it is starting to show, as people are buying me books to help me. I'm past the bitter part where I would just bitch about being saved by a book. I understand that people only want me to be happy. The book may help, although a really long walk might do the same.

We were watching 'Lost' the other day when I realized that I would enjoy being trapped on the island like them.
Everything so simple.

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Meemers said...

I too dream about being trapped on an island. I think it would kick ass.

Self-help books would not be allowed on the island, by the way. Oh, actually, maybe the pages could be used for toilet paper. And then burned in the bonfire for warmth. And that smell would scare off the predators. I guess you can find use for self-help books...