Sunday, June 8, 2008

I don't have cable TV and I'm still addicted to it

We decided not to get cable TV and so far we are pretty happy about it. The only problem is that we can watch reruns on the internet. Our TV has been mothballed, but our computer is in the living room/office right in front of the couch. How convenient is that?

Now we have begun watching 'Lost' on the website. We never watched it before at all, so it is all new. Darn if we are not addicted to watching that show. We can watch it full screen and with limited commercials. I bet we watch about 8 or 9 episodes a week. They are about 45 minutes long, so we waste about 7 hours a week watching it. The worst part is that we are addicted and yet we still have about two and a half seasons left to watch to get caught up. I bitch about not having enough time in the day to get everything done and yet there I sit watching mindless crap. I have no self control.....

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Meemers said...

Well, we have DirecTV with hundreds of channels and there's nothing on. We end up watching reruns of things like Will & Grace and Seinfeld. I think your Lost addiction is very healthy. It's a nice escape to watch someone else's problems/reality.

We are currently also addicted to The Office, and can't watch the new ones on TV because we are only on season 3 so far (reruns on TBS started at the beginning, which is what we're following.) I feel your pain!