Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dad's Day

I woke up this morning to sweet little kisses from my daughter. "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy", she repeated. My wonderful wife and daughter got me a gift certificate to the golf course near my house. I pass by it everyday and keep wanting to try golfing.

The last time I went golfing it involved lots of beer and generally creating mayhem with the cart. At some point I think I quit golfing and was just running down my friends with the cart.

I would like to restart my golfing practice at the driving range first. The course by our house is only 9 holes, but they have a range. I think I'm just gonna start out with buying one big driver and get the hang of hitting the ball straight. I'm excited, as the course is only half a block from my house.

I get to eat biscuits and gravy for breakfast that my sweet wife has prepared. Overall, I'm pretty happy to be a Dad!

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