Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Blogging is a fickle beast. Why do I do it? Hell, I'm not sure.

Chris Guillebeau has a manifesto (sounds ominous, but it's really great) that tells of how he became successful and makes money blogging. I secretly wish to make a little side money blogging. I enjoy sharing interesting things I learn and watch and I'm sure my family would like it if I didn't have to tell them of every little new info-morsel I devour each day.

It is a PDF (saveable for later if your busy) and quickly gets to the point. I've taken a few days of off-and-on reading to finish it up and I have to say it was inspirational to hear that hard work pays off. It really isn't hard work if you like blogging, so maybe that will make it more fun for me. My current readership is about two people, but they feel obligated I'm sure.

The interesting stuff I type, link or share has to be interesting to someone...

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