Friday, May 2, 2008

My little sister gave me a nice buzz

I got home from helping a friend of mine move his stuff to a new house too. I thought I was done moving, but I guess not.

Any way, my little sis sent me a couple of nice beers in the mail for my B-day. I saved one until last night and had a little bit last night and a little tonight and the buzz is nice to say the least. The beer is from Austria and is 14% alcohol and I love it! Big beers are the shiznit. I'm turning into a beer prude, the regular beers are just boring now. If it isn't at least 9% or bigger, I am not entertained. Needless to say it is difficult getting big beers, but I also enjoy the hunt for new ones.

Why do women rub their eyes in the morning after they wake up?

Because they don't have balls to scratch....

Good night! Teehee!!!

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