Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bangers and Mash

My wife and I went flying today. She was a great co-pilot and didn't get sick or flail at all. We landed at a nice little grass strip in the neighboring state and had a fuzzy black lab there to greet us! Overall a pretty fun morning.

What the hell does this thingie do?

To celebrate getting to fly together, we went to an English Pub. Not in England mind you, but it had some hokey decorations to make me think that everyone there would have an accent and bad teeth. Austin Powers was nowhere to be seen. The bored waitress had normal teeth and a plaid skirt that matched my napkin. I think my napkin was bigger though, but I wasn't looking I swear.

I had Bangers and Mash and my better half had Fish and Chips. We even got to put a little vinegar on them for authenticity. To top it off, it was offically noon straight up, so we shared a pint of Smithwicks to make us right saucey!

After promising not to brush our teeth for at least a week (for authenticity), we left to pick up our dearest little one who got to hang with her buddy for the morning. After we picked her up I could sense some jealousy on her part. I think she could smell the Avgas from the flight. Next time she gets to go too.

Tonight she came out dressed for bed in a beautiful pink ensemble with sparkly pineapples on it. To say she was impressed with herself would be an understatement. She made twirly little circles in the living room to display her finery. After ten circles and a bump on the head, we were ready bed.

Tonight the old folks at the house are going to try and watch either 'Juno' or 'Into the Wild'. Our usual movie watching routine involves lots of snoring followed by the credits rolling two hours later. We used to watch lots of movies, now I just want to watch the back of my eyelids. Wish us luck!

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